Acradac EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility

The Acradac EMC Training

Acradac makes EMC interesting and fun!

Acradac EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility

The Acradac EMC course is given by me, Lex de Rijck, in a juicy, humoristic and practical manner en is completely focussed on the prevention of EMC problems instead of solving them afterwards with all kinds of patchwork. not all information at once

It is completely useless to pour out all information over the participants in just a few days. Nobody can digest that in such a short time span. That is why I give de EMC training in a spread out manner within your own company. That also saves quite a bit on travel and accommodation costs of the participants.

De training consists of 6 chapters of 2 hours spread over a couple of weeks. This structure limits the amount of information that the participants receive per session and will give them time to digest it and ask questions about it next time. Furthermore, in this way the course can be combined with your daily activities far more easily then when you have to leave for a couple of days. I can adjust the frequency and structure of the course according to your wishes.

...a course for everybody

Naturally, your are free to choose which employees in your company should attend such a course, but it is most (cost) effective if everybody who develops and installs electronics (both analog and digital) would join. Then everybody speaks the same EMC language and can help each other and that will dramatically increase the EMC quality of your products.

...a tailor made course

Electromagnetic Compatibility is universal but depending on the kind of products you make, you might run into specific EMC problems more often, for which you would like extra attention. I can tailor the training to your wishes, so you get the information you are looking for.

...and additional practical support

The EMC course can be extended with further coaching of the participants to put their new knowledge into practice. You can think of assistance with PCB lay-out, system set-ups, architectures, installation instruction, etc.

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