Acradac EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility

Why a multi-day course does not work

- Too much information at the same time

Acradac EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility

Regularly, it happens that only a few people of a development department are send to a multi-day EMC course. The idea is that they take in the EMC knowledge and then can help their colleagues with EMC issues. The following story, that almost completely truly happened, shows that daily practice is usually quite different:

An almost completely true story:

- John, I need to start the lay-out of the PX-3, but I am not sure what to do to get the EMC right. Do you know someone that can help me?

- Go to Peter, he recently did a full week EMC-course. He should know everything about it now.

(walk, walk, walk ...)

- Peter, I hear that you did an EMC course, can you help me with the lay-out of the PX-3 to get the EMC stuff right?

- You must be kidding, I have no time for that at all. I need to finish a report before tomorrow, next week I have a business trip and I have around 50 unread emails in my inbox. And you are the fourth person that asks my help, as if I have nothing else to do. The hand-outs are over there, help yourself. It really was an interesting course, but I got so much information in 5 days that I already forgot most of it. On top of that, if you're away for a week you really need to catch up with your regular work, so I did not have any time yet to look at it again. But a very good course, you should follow it yourself.

You will understand that the result of such a course is virtually zero. And if Peter finds the time to help somebody, the following will also happen:

- If not everybody has enough basic EMC knowledge...

Acradac EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility

- Peter, can you help me, I think I have an EMC problem. If I switch on the auxiliary supply, my micro-controller resets.

- Sure, no problem, what did you do yourself? Did you check that you did not make a large loop in your reset circuit? Or that the common mode current of the power supply switching FET does not accidently runs near the micro-controller?

- ... eh, what do you mean?

- Well, exactly what I am saying

- ... eh, to be honest, I have no idea what you're talking about.

- Deep sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As long as not everybody has a basic knowledge of Electromagnetic Compatibility, communication will be difficult. It just does not work to send just a few people to an EMC course. EMC is a fundamental part of electronics and everybody should have that knowledge.

This is why Acradac gives EMC training in a different way... more about the Acradac EMC course >>>